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Youth goalkeeper gloves for all year round v20

- Flat Cut 3 mm Flexion latex for perfect grip in all kinds of weather. Goalee gloves have a thin layer of silicone to help with perfect grip.
- Slit like wrist closure for easy on and off when needed before the game and after the game is over.
- Extra wide strap for extra support, it helps you keep the gloves secure on your hands and tied to your wrist.
- Unfortunately this glove style is not available with finger protection. Normally this feature assist and protects goalies to avoid fingers bending when they get a hard shot or if someone steps on their fingers when fighting for the ball.
- Youth glove for kids and teenager's, from sizes= 4 which is normally someone from 5 years to size=8 which is someone around 12 years old. We have provided a picture showing you how gloves should be measures so you can choose the right size for you.

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