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Soccer Paradise

Family own business and have been serving our local recreational leagues since 2010. This has allow us to meet some great people and team-up with great  organizations and other businesses that sponsor teams in our community. We have build great reputation with our customers and gain extensive experience with uniforms customization. We are launching our eCommerce website we are offering our products and services with shipping capabilities anywhere in the continental US. 

We are dedicated to serving all aspects of the game with specific focus on team uniforms customization. We can accommodate any uniform needs including helping you designing your logo, printing and application on your uniforms. Please get in touch with us today. No order is to large for us to handle, we can serve a small team of 12 players up to 800 or more. We can handle it with no problem and work with the best suppliers in this field to ensure quick delivery, most of our orders will ship in two weeks.

We also carry other soccer quality gear and offer you superior service, we serve any customer from the competitive soccer player to the general soccer enthusiast.

Our Soccer Paradise staff has extensive knowledge and experience in soccer recommending the best gear for your leagues. We personalize our service and product recommendations to your skill level and help meet the requirements of your league. We hope our passion for the sport translates into our great service and to your satisfaction. We will go the extra mile to provide you with the best customer service and attention. 

Picture of our store front

Soccer paradise store front

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