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Team Uniforms

November 23, 2019 2 min read

Team Uniforms

A brief introduction why our customers like to work with us.

Experience: Over 10 years of experience providing custom team uniforms for various clubs for competition and recreational clubs as well. Clubs and organizations like AYSO Round Lake (IL), AYSO Grayslake, (IL)  Northern United FC, Heart of the City, Waukegan, (IL) just to name a few. Our experience working with these clubs have given us the experience to work with large clubs. No order is too small or large for us to handle. We hope that you give us the opportunity to work with your organization. Contact us today!

Our services include printing and application of names, numbers and club logos as well. We take the time upfront to ensure the decoration will outlast the life of the jersey and will not peel off. Our process is unique as it heats the logos, and number materials from both sides of the jersey so they will not peel off and avoid embarrassment in the field. How many times have you seen a jersey with numbers peeling. Our process also uses an industrial heat press to optimize our processes. If your logo, number or name peels off the jersey, let us know and we will send you a new replacement jersey. We are willing to put our reputation on the line!

You will receive each uniform individually packaged and sorted by teams at n o extra costs. We will save you lots of time so you can get back to planning the perfect tournament. No need for you to waste time sorting through hundreds of pieces. Contact us today: Sales@soccer-paradise.com and let us handle your uniform needs today!

We can package your uniforms by coach and teams

We will also identify these uniforms by size for easy distribution to your players

Individually packaged each uniform and by team. All you have to do is hand-over each bag to the coach for distribution. The days of sorting all uniforms are GONE!



Ricardo Navarro
Ricardo Navarro

Soccer Paradise is a specialty soccer retail store in Round Lake Beach, IL . We are dedicated to serving all aspects of the game including uniforms for competitive and recreational leagues. We carry quality soccer gear and offer superior service, we serve any customer from the competitive soccer player to the general soccer enthusiast. Our Soccer Paradise staff has extensive experience and knowledge in soccer gear and local leagues in the area. We personalize our service and product recommendations to your skill level and help meet the requirements of your league. We hope our passion for the game translates into our great service and your satisfaction. Our specialty lies within team uniform customization. We can accommodate any uniform needs including logo design! Please stop in to our Round Lake Beach store to check out all of our products, including shoes, cleats, jerseys, balls and all other accessories.

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